Added January 2017: 3-in-1 counter bases and a couple of 1 rotation small (2 tile) dining tables (tables coming soon)

SSoW Blanks and Bases


NEW! 3-in-1 Counter Collection bases

Object makers can use this base when making multiple but matching sets of counters such as those with slightly different doors or clutter on shelves. Each of the 3 graphic states is an entire counter so if you want to make more drastic changes such as changing the shape of each counter (countertop only to create an island, maybe?) you can do that. Just make sure each of the three still works with the one corner piece that they all share.

3-in-1 counter base These 3-in-1 Counters work exactly the same as normal counters except that one of three counters will be chosen at random each time the counter is purchased.

This base uses Maxis' Tuscan graphics, but I'll try to add more counter shapes for recolorists in the future.

Browse Shop counter base Shop Counter with Browse option (blank)
3-in-1 Shop Counter with Browse option

Hacked to disable the food prep, service and bar functions preventing sims who barbecue from using these counters to serve meals on it making them especially suitable for shop. No actual purchases are made from this counter but adult and child Sims can 'browse' the front and corners of any counter that does not have a functional cash register on it. (so sales are never blocked).

Additional Shop Counter Graphics This counter is provided with empty shelf graphics and there is (packaged in the blank's zip) an additional zip file containing graphics file (Photoshop's .psd format only!) of transparent plastic guard pieces for the fronts of the counter, as shown on our Convenience Store Impulse Buy counters.  
No EP Required

Related Object: Impulse Buy Counters and The Cracked Cup Cafe's pastry counters

TIP: Shop counters also make great bathroom counters when you disable the "browse". To make a non-browseable shop counter, simply disable both children and adults for "Browse" feature on the Interaction Menu (TTAB) .

Luminous Counter Base

Counter with faux lightingLighting in the sims is far from realistic. While light can be seen on flooring and walls it does not "shine" on objects at all. This makes using "mood lighting" in your designs extremely difficult.

This counter (shown here aside the original Maxis counter) is not an actual light source but is, instead, a wonderful simulate lighting effect. The darkened counter top makes the "lighted" sections really show up beautifully in darkened rooms. (You can find a tutorial for applying this technique to any object in the Woobsha Workshop. Look for the "Illuminated Sprites" tutorials.)

Luminous Counter Base
Hot Date or higher required

Seating and Surface Combined

These coffee tables have been hacked to allow sims to sit on them. The sims sit forward a little bit leaving room for an object in the center. This also leaves room for another sim to sit behind them. While two sims can sit on this item at the same time they are not technically sitting "together" so they don't chat with each other.

Offsetting the seat(s) from center meant having to learn how routing slots work. There's not much info about the SLOT resource out there but thanks to Peter Gould and Greg Noel's and their Sim Tech's SLOT Research page (hosted at Source Forge) and Don Hopkins for including the SLOT resource in the XML that Transmogifier generates I was able to poke and prod and have a ton of fun coming up with these super sturdy coffee tables. This base also makes a great stone fence for mail, papers or just hanging out.

2 tiled coffee table sims can sit on

2-tiled Travel Trunk Coffeetable/Seat
No EP Required

link corrected September 9, 2006

'Clutterable' Dresser

dresser with clutter on topA functioning dresser that allows you to use the top as a surface that will hold objects that have been flagged at "height 9", meaning any objects that will go on the souvenir (Vac) or awards (UL,SS) shelves/cabinets can be set on this dresser as well.

As height 9 did not exist until the Vacation/holiday expansion pack so Vacation (or higher) is required for the surface function, however, the dresser will work as a regular dresser for any or no EPs. If you clone this dresser and want to change the shape of the graphics, please note the height of your new dresser must match the height on this dresser for the clutter to sit properly.

Related Object: A no-EP Dresser without surface function can be found below. That dresser can be any height.

'Clutterable' Dresser
No EP required

Semi-deco beds Semi-deco Double Bed (2 rotations)
Semi-deco Double Bed (4 rotations)
Note: The 4-rotation double bed is also available from Simblesse Oblige where Simnut1 first requested the semi-deco bed.

The Semi-deco bed was made in response to a request by Simnut1 as an alternative to deco-only beds. As with deco-only beds these beds have only 1 graphic state (instead of 3 or 4). Unlike deco-only beds, however, these objects still function as real bed.

The effect is similar to a player using a deco-only bed and invisible bed combination so, yes, the Sims will still bleed through the bedding. The semi-deco bed has 3 distinct advantages, however. Using 1 object instead of 2 uses less resources and means less hunting through buymode, the player can click on this version to direct the sim to Sleep, and since there isn't a "messy" graphic to warn the player when the bed is untidy the semi-deco beds have an additional"No Mess" hack.
No EP Required

Related Objects: Looking for a single bed instead? You're in luck! Aponee made 2 version (both are 2 rotation) and you can find them in the Egyptian theme at Aponee Simz
For a 2 rotation single bed base with all 3 of it's graphic states log into Simblesse Oblige - Ruth's created several!

hutch base with apple snack Hacked Bookcase/Hutch (blank)
Hacked Bookcase/Hutch with Apple Snack (blank)
'Pantry de Provence style. These kitchen hutches are bookcases hacked to allow Sims to study for Outdoors and Food Interests, as well as retaining the Maxis bookcase functions.
'Learn more about Food' is only available when you have Hot Date or higher installed

One also features an 'apple snack' which allows both adult and child Sims to reach for an apple from the center area of where the lower shelf is on this graphic. The Sim eats the apple for a Hunger boost that is a little more than the bag of chips from the fridge, with no trash to clean up afterwards. Place a bowl of fruit graphic on the lower shelf for 'realism'. (There are fruit bowl graphics in the DIY Graphics section). This (no EP required) model is made to match the Pantry de Provence that came with UL EP (also shown). Zip file includes required apple prop (skins) files, which will work with any clone you make from the base.  
No EP Required

Related Objects: Green Gardener kitchen hutch (apple); Harvest Gold kitchen hutch (apple); Vineyard kitchen hutch (grapes).

S.S.o.W Visit Generators: Open House Signs (blank)
Use to advertise a party or attract potential customers to your home lot. The game views these potential customers as Visiting Sims and several of them will still be seen as a Party just as if you phoned and invited them over.

Turn the sign on by choosing "Open House"; Turn it off by choosing "Close House". The sign will stop attracting visitors at approximately 10pm and will start again at 7 or 8 in the morning. (This is to avoid having visitors arrive just to tell you that it's too late and they are going home)

Automatic Visit Generator
The "Neighbor" sign

attracts Neighbors, Townies, Tourists, Anybodies and Stranges

Related Object: Home Business Signs

Point of Interest Base "Point of Interest" Base
Point of Interest BaseOne of my biggest pet peeves about my sims is that I would build wonderful, relaxing gardens, beaches, and sitting rooms, but my silly sims never bothered to sit down, relax and just enjoy the great view I'd provided. When a request was posted at Simblesse Oblige's Suggestion Box forum asking for an invisible television (to use so sims would pay attention to social events, lectures, concerts, and the like) I realized it was the perfect time to clear up that old pet peeve of mine.

This object will attract Sims to come over and have fun gazing at it just as they might watch a TV. This object has no sounds associated with it but sims can still enjoy it enough to point and laugh.

This fireproof object base can be placed on ponds, pool, or slopes making it perfect for water features, art exhibits, landscaping focal points, displays for store windows, fireplace accessories or screens, window treatments for scenic windows, porch railings, or any other "point of interest" you can imagine.

This base uses Maxis' Moderate TV graphic and is nothing anyone would want to play with "as-is". The TV graphic is made by layering two sprites together to make a single graphic. In most cases you object makers will want to work on one just sprite. You can simply make the second one invisible using the same technique that is used to make backless painting.

Related Object: Convert To ... Point of Interest (invisible)
ALSO: Aponee Simz has a great "point of interest" faux table version of this as part of the Indo Patio set.


"EZ Clone" Bases

Sometimes "objects" are actually a set of objects working together. Traditionally these objects are found as separate Iff Files and so must be cloned separately. The object maker must then do a bit of hacking inside of each object to make the new set work together as one again.

S.S.o.W.'s "Easy to Clone" (aka "EZ Clone") files are iff files with all of the associated objects merged into a single iff allowing you to clone all of the pieces simultaneously. When you clone everything together the cloning program does the necessary hacking for you.

    Everything in the iff must be cloned simultaneously:
  • T-moggers remember to click the "Select All" button when cloning.
  • IffSnooperers remember to "Clone", not sub-clone.

NOTE: Third party programs such as Sim Wardrobe's great Sims Categorizor program are confused by multiple objects being in a single iff and return an error stating it cannot find the Primary OBJD. This does not mean there is something wrong with the object. It simply means the program cannot recognize it.

EZ Clone Base Dance Floor
Combines dancefloor object with the dancefloor controller which controls the dancefloor's light patterns. This base looks and functions exactly like the Maxis original.
House Party Required

Related Objects: Alternative Flooring Dancefloors (with customized alphas and lighting); Cut-a-rug Dancefloors (each tile uses it's own sprite).

ez clone register "EZ Clone" Cash Register with Cashier (HD)
combines the cash register with one cashier (dark skin, male, as shown). This bases functions exactly like the original using Maxis' "Expensive Clerk" animations.

REUPLOADED NOV 25 2006 due to an object id conflict. File has been renamed so be sure to DELETE the old one (ssw_ezclone_registerNPCHD.iff) and use this one instead. This does not effect any clones made from the base.

Hot Date or Higher Required - The skins this base uses come with hot date so will be just floating hands in games that do not have hot date installed. Clones with new skins assigned to them (see woobsha workshop for instructions) will not have this problem.

Related Objects: Cashiers with Personality

Dishwasher with dish washer"EZ Clone" Dishwasher with NPC Busboy: Now you can hire an additional NPC just to clean your buffet dishes on any kind of non-residential lot. Buy his stainless steel industrial strength dishwasher in the dining/appliances section and he will appear for work after you enter the lot with a Sim. This NPC has only one function, to clean dishes on non-residential lots. Unlike other versions of this item, This Base is not intended for residential use and will not work properly if placed on a home lot.

Using buffet tables on non-residential lots requires there be the proper staff to clean up the used plates. On some lots (Old Town, Magic Town) there is no one to clean up used plates at all. On DownTown lots only the busboy that is spawned from the dining podium will clean buffet plates (if they are in the restaurant he works in). Other lots (Vacation Isle and Studio Town) have janitors that do clean up buffet plates, but are often so busy with other tasks dirty plates are allowed to pile up.
Hot Date (or higher) Required

Related Objects: Scullery Maid, Health Inspection Certificate with NPC Busboy

2-in-1 Cafe Cart "EZ Clone" 2-in-1 Cafe Cart:
Cafe cart with NPC Clerk sells both espresso and pastry from a single cart which is hacked so that counters placed next to it will corner.

Designed to match the Unleashed cafe pieces, the NPC wears a uniform to match Travelin' Joe's so they can be used in the same cafe or replace the two unleashed versions for smaller cafes, allowing you to decrease the number of NPCs present on a community lot. This cart is available for residential use. If you decide to delete the cafe cart from a residential lot use the move_objects cheat to remove the NPC.

This NPC uses a custom (skinny) mesh. It is a modified versin of Maxis' busboy mesh. Skinners are free to use it for playable and NPC skins or as a base for other meshes.
Unleashed Required

Related Objects: Cracked Cup Cafe


No Expansion Pack required Bases

Expansion packs often add to the existing objects giving them new features. As fun as this is during game-play it becomes frustrating for object makers who would like to share their work with everyone.

This series of bases is intended to allow object makers to do just that: make and share objects that work without any expansion pack requirements while retaining the additional features that the expansion packs have to offer those who've got them installed

If any problems are spotted please drop me a line so I can adjust the bases (or webpage text) accordingly. Like the rest of SSoW's objects, these bases are free to clone and recolor for free distribution. Please credit S.S.o.W for the helping hand and link back to in case others need to find no-EP bases as well.


No EP Dresser with DrawersDresser with Drawers The dresser functions for No EP, but retains the modifications added to the dressers in later EPs if you have them.

RELATED: A clutter-able version of this dresser is available in our Better Surfaces section. The reason we offer both is because this dresser, without the surface space, can be any height while the "clutter-able" dresser needs to remain the height it is.