Kitchens Items Kitchen Items
Bread boxes that serve up fresh bread, toast with jam, and delightful donuts, blueberry and chocolate muffins, and even cinnamon streusel, all freshly baked at Ines Sims Bakery! Dish Trasher sinks that allow Sims to dispose of BBQ meals in the sink instead of the trash.
  • Large Capacity Trash Cans that can hold up to 8 (yes 8!!)mice before needing to be emptied

  • Kitchen Appliances Kitchen Appliances
  • Brawn-Y Coffee makers
  • Pastry Toasters
  • Snack-ro-waves
  • Stove/Grill combo
  • mini-fridge
  • Well Stocked Fridges

    (Find a hacked Dishwasher in the Nearly Napa Kitchen)

  • Kitchen Sets Matching Kitchen and Dinette Sets
  • DSCali's Black Orchid Kitchen set (appliances included)
  • Red and Black Kitchen Set
  • Blue and Black Kitchen Set
  • Harvest Gold Kitchen set
  • Nearly Napa Kitchen

    Nearly Napa Gourmet Kitchen Set
    The Nearly Napa Kitchen Set introduces our stove and barbecue grill combination appliance and "Dishtrasher" dishwasher that Sims can use to dispose of barbecue meals.

    Pantry Shelves Added (fridge-like object that is built into the wall)

    Patio Bar Set Added - Mini Fridge, Nectar bar, plain & hacked Counter


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